about me!!

16 years oldmale he/himbi SEX ual ;)birth 05/21/2003real name christian (do not call me this online please)big stupid ball of sarcasm (do not take me seriously if i sound mean i promise i dont mean it 99% of the time!!)


  • BTS!!! (jin bias and yoongi bias wrecker! MOTS7 HYPE!!!)

  • computer and windows Operating System (except windows 10 that shit is ass)

  • mob psycho! (i need to rewatch it again what a f#cking AMAZING anime, WATCH IT NOW)

  • katawa shoujo (cute vn !!! im not finished yet doe)

  • toontown/roblox (dont play either much anymore tbh)

  • other animes (toradora, beastars, evangelion, dragon maid)

  • other games (danganronpa, persona 4/5, ace attorney, undertale)

before you follow (dni list)

  • DNI pedophiles, zoophiles, homophobes, transphobes, racists, ffxiv players, bts shippers, drama starters

  • remember i am a MINOR, if you are over 18 do not be weird please :|

  • dont be mean to me or my friends or you will be BLOCKED (unless ik ur cool)

  • stan bts and watch mob psycho and we'll be best friends <3

contact info!

discord: Zack#9543 (best place to contact me)
twitter: princezackttr
youtube: Prince Zack TTR (both linked on the front page)
skype: yea no im not from 2000 nice try
roblox: tysonuber
toontown toon: Prince Zack (133 Laff blue cat)
thx for reading my carrd B) feel free to add me to talk on anything!